Helix Evade, Urban Mobility Design Concept (Student Project)
Helix Motors International & Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona (IED) 
How can you combine the agility and sportiness of a motorcycle with the practicality and safety of a passenger vehicle and which audience would that appeal to?
Define a key target user through user research and develop a design language for the exterior and interior of the vehicle that would appeal to this audience.  The design solution also had to take into consideration the technical package requirements of the vehicle (such as battery, suspension and motor locations).
I started by exploring the existing automotive landscape and defining key users that the Evade vehicle could suit. It was helpful to define user values and see how they aligned with the possible product features.
The key target user that I narrowed down to was a transient professionals such as international aircraft pilots. The excitement of driving an immersive and haptic vehicle combined with practicality of being able to transport a carry-on suit case without being exposed to the elements would resonate with this audience. From here I was able to define key styling ques that would help inform the design concept. 
A selection of ideation sketches for the exterior.
The final exterior design direction renders with functionality explanations.
Final interior design direction with functionality explanations
Overlay of the technical package requirements and final design silhouette
Project board for the final presentation
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